Keywords Editor Full Version (KE200)

  • A tiny Excel Add-In specifically built for keywords expansion and editing
  • Process and compile keywords to a format for easy upload to Adwords
  • Create full variations of broad match keyword phrases for phrase match and exact match in a click
  • Mix & combine words in various columns to build keyword phrases
  • Text utilities to change case, clean characters, add prefix & suffix, etc.
  • And many more other useful quick functions. Read more about Keywords Editor.

Permute broad match keywords to full variations for phrase and
exact match.


Links Editor Full Version (LE200)

It is a tiny yet powerful Excel Add-In to help online marketers to build or edit URL links quickly in bulk.
  • Tag GA's utm parameters quickly with different value, e.g. keywords, content, etc. to URLs in bulk.
  • Delete and extract part of URLs, e.g. path, anchored name, paramters, etc.
  • Breakdown URLs part quickly
  • Append various parts of URLs, e.g. domain, path, etc. to proper URLs in bulk
  • Find out more about Links Editor.

Tag each URL with specific keyword and campaign name. In bulk and in one click.


Keywords Editor's Adwords Wrapper

  • A tiny Excel Add-In Application
  • Automate process to put Adwords' match type to keywords in bulk
  • 3 ways for Modified Broad Match
  • Copy and paste keywords with match type to Adwords Editor
  • Read more about Keywords Editor's Adwords Wrapper
  • It is available for free download. No need to sign up.

automated modified broad match solution for Adwords
Add Modified Broad Match to specific words in keywords quickly.


Links Editor's URLs Builder

It is a tiny Excel Add-in designed to tag Google Analytics's utm parameters to many URLs in one click.

(Note: You tag these utm parameters on inbound links that you placed outside your website. When visitors click on these links and come to your website, together with Google Analytics ("GA") tracking JavaScript that you placed at your website, the visitors hits and tag value are recorded in your GA account. It provides valuable insight to the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.)

Tag  a list of URLs in one click.


Wordz Group: Keywords Grouping Tool

It is a tiny Excel Add-in designed to segregate your list of keywords quickly into smaller groups.

It extracts keywords from your keywords list based on specific word or words. It puts the extracted keywords into new column and remove them from the original list. All done in one click. Eliminate manual works.
  • Works on any Excel workbook
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Read Wordz Group to know more
  • Free download available for use. No signup required.

Group keywords quickly

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