Links Editor's URLs Builder

Links Editor's URLs Builder

Links Editor’s URLs Builder is an Excel Add-in designed to tag URLs with Google Analytics' tracking parameter value (i.e. utm_source=google, utm_medium=cpc, etc.) quickly and in BULK. You can tag many URLs of a campaign in one click. It is fast, easy to use and it runs on your own desktop.

You can choose to encode special characters in parameter values of URLs. You can pick up parameter values in a URL and apply it on a list of URLs. You can remove all parameter tags in the entire list of URLs in one click. It is a simple yet powerful time saver for your online works and it is available for free. You can download it here.

For more information on System Requirement, CLICK HERE.

Key Features

  • Tag a list of URLs with utm parameter values, i.e campaign source, campaign medium, campaign term, campaign content and campaign name
  • You can pick up utm parameter values of a URL and apply the values to a list of URLs
  • You have options to encode or NOT to encode URLs
  • Remove all parameters (full query string) of your URLs
  • Formula available to extract web address from full URLs tagged with parameters


Tag a List of URLs with Analytics parameter values in bulk with URLs encoding.

URL Builder: Select cells with URLs and tag the URLs with Analytics tracking parameters in bulk.

Watch the animated gif image below to see tagging in action.

Tag URLs with parameter values and with URLs encoding.

Pick and Tag URLs

Pick the parameter values of an URL and apply it to a list of URLs.

Pick and Tag parameters like Google URLs Builder
Pick and tag

Remove ALL Parameters (Query String) of URLs

Remove parameters / query string from a list of URLs.

Remove Tags

Formulas to Extract URL Parts

You can use formulas of this Add-In to extract URL parts, i.e. path and file, web address, hostname (subdomain plus domain name), etc.

Using formulas to extract URL parts. Read help page to find out more formulas available.

Output Options

There are a few output options that can help to speed up your work.

Choose a different output option.

It comes in handy for all online works.

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For more information on System Requirement, CLICK HERE.
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