Keywords Editor's Wrapper

Keywords Editor's Adwords Wrapper use Excel Ribbon to control commands.

Keywords Editor's Adwords Wrapper is an Excel Add-in designed to wrap keywords with match types for Adwords. It is fast, easy to use and it runs on your own desktop. It takes only a click or two for you to wrap the entire long list of keywords. It covers all scenarios of keywords match types wrapping situations that include partial modified broad match.

It can convert the "wrapped keywords" into a table format with header and proper match type descriptions that allows you to copy and paste to Google's Adwords Editor.

It is a simple yet comprehensive application and it is available to use for free. You can download it here.

For more information on system requirement and installation, click HERE.

Key Features:

Wrapping keywords with broad, phrase, exact, modified broad and negative match. In bulk. In one click.

  • Broad match, Phrase Match and Exact Match
  • Add Broad Match Modifier for all OR specific words in keywords phrases
  • Negative Match for all Broad, Phrase and Exact Match
  • Convert keywords into a table with match types description. You can then copy and paste the table to Google's Adwords Editor
  • Many options on output location. You can overwrite original keywords in the selected cells, you can place the output at a specific column in the active sheet. You can place the output in a new sheet or new workbook
  • It will not change any of your Excel settings.It is non disruptive in nature on your beloved Excel. 
  • It will not change your Excel's command tabs other than adding a tab with 3 letters, i.e. PPC. If you don't want to see it when you use your Excel for other tasks you can always tick it off from the Add-Ins dialog box.

It does not change the aesthetic looks of your Excel's command tabs. In fact, it adds only a tab with "PPC" word at the end of your command tabs.

Broad, Phrase and Exact Match

User selects (highlight) the cells that contain keywords and choose the match types they want.

The keywords match type wrapping can be done in one click.

Modified Broad Match

You can add + (modified broad match) to specific words in the keyword phrases.

Modified broad match for specific words in the keyword phrases


Click on Inverse checkbox and you can add plus to all words in the keyword phrases but exclude those you indicated in the textbox. This is useful when you don't want to modify words like of, the, etc.

You can see the output of the keywords at left. All words are added with + except those in the textbox.

Words Order

Modified broad match for selected words in keywords phrases based on word order number.

Select the words to be modified by word order.

Formula Function for match type

If you are like many Excel users who are comfortable with using formula like =CONCATENATE(A2," ",B2), etc. Keywords Editor's Adwords Wrapper has a formula library that the user can use. You can wrap the keywords with the following formulas.

=ModifyWord(Text,Text,Optional True/False)

The formula in cell F5 is =PhraseMatch(B5) referring to the text in cell B5.

Short-cut Keystroke

Paste text or paste value (of copied text from website)  in one keystroke. All formats are stripped off. The user will copy keywords from any source by  highlight the keywords and type Ctrl-C. Then go to any worksheet and type Ctrl-Shift-V to paste the keywords to the worksheet.

Ctrl-Shift-V will paste text or paste value without the original format.

Convert to Table and "Copy and Paste" to Adwords Editor

This command turns your list of wrapped keywords into a table with proper header for easy "Copy and Paste" to your Adwords Editor. It does it quickly.

Turn keywords with match quotes into table and upload to Adwords Editor.

Output options

You can select different output locations beside overwrite the original cells. Specify the output column of the active sheet, new sheet or new workbook. You can specify the program to copy the output after executing command. And there are many other flexible options.

There are multiple choices of output and after output.

Multiple Matches in One Click

The program can produce multiple match types in one click. Watch the animation below.

A main user form to provide more variety of match types in one click.

This Excel Add-In Keywords Wrapper is very handy for search engine marketing. It is fully functioning and is available to use for free. You can download it here.

For more information on system requirement and installation, click HERE.

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