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Keywords Editor Full Version

Keywords Editor is an Excel Add-in designed to clean, edit, expand, group and compile list of keywords to a format for easy upload to Adwords. It is fast and is easy to use and it runs on your own desktop. It is a "Swiss Army Knife" for keywords.

It processes, groups and compiles raw words in the selected cells to proper table with campaign name, Ad Group group and name, match types, Max CPC, URL and keywords status. This table format can be loaded to Adwords through Adwords Editor.


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An example of how it works

This command groups keywords by common theme, i.e. word or words in the keywords in the list, into different columns.

Group keywords by theme to different columns.

Key Features:

Wrapping keywords with broad, phrase, exact, modified broad and negative match in bulk in one click.

  • All features available in the Keywords Editor’s Wrapper:
    • Wrapping keywords with broad, phrase, exact, modified broad and negative match
    • Modified broad match for specific words in a list of keywords
    • Convert a list of wrapped keywords in a click to be "Copy and Paste" to Adwords Editor with Match Types
    • And More

Edit your keywords quickly. In bulk. In one click.

  • Keywords editing functions: A range of functions to expand, sort, create variations, etc. a list of keywords quickly:
    • Combine and mix multiple lists of words into keywords in a click
    • Permute your Broad or Modified Broad Match keywords to full variations for Phrase Match or Exact Match in a click
    • Group your keywords list based on specific words in one click
    • Easily create variations, add or remove word, split and append words, et.c from a list of keywords
    • And more with comprehensive functions for keywords editing. Watch below.

Modify & clean your keywords with Text Utilities. In bulk. In one click.

  • Text utility tools: A range of functions to change case, add prefix and suffix, clean and remove unwanted characters in the keywords, etc.

Group and compile your keywords quickly & easily into campaigns for upload to Adwords Editor. In bulk.

  • Process, Group & Compile Keywords to a format readily to be loaded to Adwords

These are common features that you can find in many powerful online PPC tools, but this Add-Ins allow you to perform these tasks on your Excel spreadsheet. It definitely comes handy for all search engine marketing tasks.

Watch the demos below. They illustrate how these functions can improve your works.


There are 5 streamlined keyword process flow that you can choose to apply to the keywords during grouping and compilation:
  • permuting orders of words in the keywords, 
  • combining (mixing) words in multiple columns to form keywords,
  • extract keywords from selected cells based on specific words,
  • filter keywords from selected cells based on specific words,
  • no process, but CTRL+Click to select cells for keywords grouping and compilation
It is extremely FLEXIBLE to cater for various keywords processing needs.

At micro level, it is flexible to handle all types of keywords tasks in bulk. It takes only a click or two for you to edit, expand or wrap the entire long list of keywords.

There are complete set of commands to create keyword variations by combining and mixing words, permuting words, swapping order of the words, etc. You can group keywords into various lists based on selected words. You can convert the "wrapped keywords" into a table formatted with header and proper match type descriptions that allows you to load to Adwords fast. And more.

This handy tool for search engine marketing is a simple yet comprehensive application.

Compile Keywords to Load to Adwords Editor

Four Steps:
  1. Select cells
  2. Choose a process, i.e. permutation, combination, extract, filter and select to process
  3. Define Settings, i.e. how to group keywords, how to name Ad Group, define Max CPC for different match types, campaign name, URLs and keyword status.
  4. One Click to Process, Group and Compile

Example of Permutation Process

You can create variations of your high performing Broad Match or Modified Broad Match keywords to Phrase Match and Exact Match in a few clicks.

Permutation Process and Compilation for Adwords Editor.

Image below shows Permutation process. It permutes (create new variation of keywords by rearranging word order) and compiles keywords for quick upload to Adwords:

Permutation is only one of the 4 processes to create a table to be uploaded to Adwords Editor. This process create many keywords with different word order from the original keywords in the cells.

Beside Permutation that expand keywords variations, there are 4 other different type of processes for different requirements.

Mix and Combine Words to Keywords

You can turn multiple list of words in multiple columns into a list of keywords with full Combinations. There is no limit on number of columns (words lists) as long as the output is within 1,000,000 rows.

This function is particularly useful when you have multiple words with similar meaning that the searchers may use.

2 images below show Combination process. It combines (mixes) and compile keywords  for quick upload to Adwords:

Permutation of Words

This command creates full variations of your original keywords with different order of words. It is particular useful when you want to expand your Modified Broad Match keywords to Phrase or Exact match.

Watch the demos below:

Demo 1
This demo illustrate how quickly you can turn your Modified Broad Match Keyword into a list of keywords with full variations of words order. The Match Option turn the permuted list into Phrase Match and Exact Match.

(You can upload the wrapped keywords to web interface of Adwords or use "Convert to Table" function to turn the list to a table and upload through Adwords Editor. From the keywords stats in the web interface or  Adwords Editor you can then delete the irrelevant variations quickly.)

Create full variations, change output location and wrap the variations as Phrase and Exact match.

Demo 2
You can permute multiple keywords all at once.

(You can checked "Select Output", Copy Output" and "Delete Original" to speed up your copy and paste to Adwords.)

Permutation for keywords list.

Delete and Group

The Delete command is interesting and useful. You can delete certain keywords, within a keywords list, that contain certain words. This means with proper output options you can effectively sort a list of keywords into groups based on words contained in the keywords. Watch the demos below.

Demo 1
This demo starts with two identical lists. The function deletes every keyword that contains the word(s) indicated in the text box. With the Inverse check box checked, the function deletes every keyword that does not contain the word(s) in the text box.

Two identical keywords list.

Demo 2
With proper output location, you can quickly split a keywords list into two groups.

First choose the output location, then delete the keywords without "baby" word, delete the keywords with "baby" word.

Demo 3
This demo shows practical usage of the function. You can download keywords list from the Keyword Planner of your Adwords account and start working on the list.

The first image shows downloading researched keywords list from Adwords's Keywords Planner.

Image 1: Download keywords from Keyword Planner to Excel CSV file.

The second image shows how you can start working on the list and group the keywords.
Image 2: Use the Delete command to split the list to 2 groups.


This command swaps the word order in keyword of your keywords list. The results are subsets of permutations but this command allows you to decide how the work order should be changed from the original. The demo below shows how to use the command to reverse the word order of the keywords.

Reverse the order of words.

Split and Append

These are two commands that you can use to edit and change your keywords quickly. See the Demo.

This demo illustrates:
Step 1: I split the keywords in the list into cells for each individual word
Step 2: I then make quick change to the words, i.e. Modified Match, Remove, Edit, etc.
Step 3: I append the words and replace the original keywords at the left column.

Split, Edit and Append.


This is how you can append URLs.

Append full hostnames and paths to URLs.


The strip function is a text utility tool that you can use to remove all characters at the right or left of a specific character. There 2 demos.

Demo 1
It is a demo that shows how "Strip" works. The demo shows stripping off the query string (parameters) of URLs. Then it removes the protocol and extract hostname and path.

Extract portion of text that you want in a cell. And do it in bulk.

Demo 2
This demo shows how you use Strip function to extract web address, domains and path.

More Commands Available

There are more functions in Keywords Editor than as shown above.

This full range of commands will show only when you click on "PPC" command tab. 

Pricing and Promotion

Keywords Editor is available now. The price is set at $27.00. To build our customer base we are giving discount for a limited period. It is now at $12.70.

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System Requirements
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 and above
  • Windows 7 and above
  • Software Help Page
  • Privacy Policy
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