About Us

Wordz Studio develops spreadsheet Add-Ins and Add-Ons for search engine marketing users to perform their work efficiently.

It is in our nature to keep asking how can we do things faster with more flexibility to handle unexpected variations along the way to complete tasks. We explore various methods and tools available online to build and maintain campaigns and enjoy writing about them in our blog. We know spreadsheet is not the only effective tool to build or edit PPC campaigns. But nevertheless it is the most handy and flexible one. Putting keywords on spreadsheet table gives us understanding of the completeness of our tasks performed.

Founded in March 2014, we are new and are building our reputation within the industry. We aim to provide top notch Add-Ins and Add-Ons script on using spreadsheet as a platform to manage keywords and campaigns.

We are situated in a beautiful country with many islands and mountains, Malaysia.

The founder, Chong Chen Tong, started this website in his garage. :-) Despite having a full time job he has time to maintain this website because this is his hobby and he does not watch TV.

As a qualified Accountant, he has been using spreadsheet and writing Macro (and now VBA Add-Ins) since the ancient age of black screen Lotus 1-2-3. He enjoys working with spreadsheet and particularly, Excel.