Links Editor Full Version

Links Editor Full Version

Links Editor is an Excel Add-in designed for online marketers to prepare links for web content or online marketing campaigns quickly and efficiently. It help user to tag, clean and edit links in bulk. It is fast, easy to use and it runs on your own desktop.

You can tag many URLs of your campaigns in one click with different keywords or other different parameter values. You can remove or extract any part of a URL or a list of URLs, i.e. full web address, protocol, subdomain, domain, full hostname, port, path and page, utm parameters, non utm parameters, fragment (named anchor), in one click. It is powerful, watch our demos.

You have options to encode or NOT to encode special characters in URLs. You can pick up parameter values in a URL and apply it on a list of URLs.

It is a simple yet powerful time saver for your search engine marketing work. Don't waste your time on mundane works, let Excel VBA macro takes care of them.

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