Keywords Editor's Wrapper Download

Keywords Editor's Wrapper

Download Wordz Wrapper Application
Released date: 11 May 2014

System Requirement

  • Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Window 7 and Window 8


There is no installation required. It is an Excel file type.
  1. Download the Add-In file to your Desktop (or download it to any folder and, if you prefer, create a short-cut on your Desktop)
  2. Double click the Add-In file (or the short-cut) and it will start

How It Works (READ THIS)

Microsoft provides two methods to use Add-Ins properly:

Method 1: Use it like a software application. Just double click it and the Excel will start with the Add-In.
  • Double click the downloaded Add-In file to start an Excel session
  • Excel will start with a Ribbon Command Tab with name "PPC"
  • You can start a new blank workbook or open an existing workbook to start working with the extra commands and functions provided by the Add-In. You can work with multiple workbooks and save your workbooks as usual. The Add-In's commands and functions work only during the current session. It does not change your Excel Settings.
  • Once your close all your Excel workbooks. This session will end. The next time you start your Excel session you will not see the "PPC" Ribbon Tab.

Method 2: Use it like an Add-In that managed by Excel's Add-Ins Manager Dialog
  • Register this Add-in to your Excel program
  • Activate it using Add-Ins Manager Dialog
  • This Add-In will start whenever the Excel is started

Future Updates

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