Wordz.co's PPC Campaign Builder

  • Our Campaign Builder Cut 90% of Your Mundane Tasks
  • No More Mindless Repetitions
  • More Peaceful Time to Think, Design Ads & Strategize Effective Campaign
  • Result Guarantee

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PPC Campaign Builder:

Build quality PPC campaigns in MINUTES

PPC Campaign Builder helps you to build Profitable PPC Campaigns Quickly and Easily. It is fast and is easy to use and it runs on your own desktop.

Without spending days and nights, you can build hundreds of well-targeted ad groups with very specific ad copies that give you
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Higher CTR
  • Higher Quality Score
  • Lower costs

Command Bar of PPC Campaign Builder. It works on Excel.

You keep all your campaign keywords and ad copies in Excel Workbook. PPC Campaign Builder provides the additional powerful commands to process these keywords and draft ad copies to output format that allows you to copy and paste quickly to Adwords Editor.

You can organize multiple campaign keywords and ads in multiple Excel workbooks.

Overview of PPC Work Flow

Work Flow of a PPC Campaign Builder

Don’t sacrifice quality for speed! Because you can have both.

  • No more frustration over spending days and weeks to compile specific and laser sharp effective ad groups
  • No more analysis paralysis seeing sheer volume of repetitive tasks required for an effective campaign
  • No more depression over huge volume of repetitive tasks that paralyze you
  • No more guilt. Loosely grouped campaign keywords & ads are things of past

Because NOW quality campaign can be built so fast
  • You have time to design the most specific & relevant ad groups, with ad copies specific written for small group of keywords
  • You can generate such ad groups in hundreds in minutes.

  • Use first, pay later. Download now
  • 30-day evaluation period
  • Authentic full version for evaluation
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Future new functions and bug fix
  • You may download from Dropbox
  • Release 1.0.1 on 21 October 2014